sasha production AB is a full service production company based out of Gothenburg Sweden. We provide for all your needs within merchandise, profile clothing and premium goods. Being a part of the industry for many years has resulted in a broad selection of suppliers and manufacturers ranging from local to global level.

In a business where comfort comes first, we’re challenging the mindset towards merchandise by elevating today’s standards.

We never compromise when it comes to quality and detail. But with that said, there’s nothing wrong with requesting a plain black t-shirt.

music is a big part of sasha production, please check out our selection of spotify playlists on this link, curated by our friends and creatives all around.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?— start by email us thru our contact form. Try to describe your project ideas as detailed as possible. What you are looking for, quantities and your logo in vector format. If you have any references or moodboard please send that aswell.
Do you have any catalogue to choose products from?— No, we don't work with an fixed catalogue of products, we source styles and products for each case. We always work towards that nothing is Impossible to create for your company. With that said, we do have a lot of base products in our rotation and always have access to order the classic merch brands if that is what you are looking for.
What is the minimum order quantities?— the minimum order quantities depends of your case and what you want to produce.
How do we get a price quote?— email us thru our contact form, please include your company info and details about your project. When we make a case-presentation for you, we will include prices.
What is the delivery time?— the delivery time depends of your project. There is always an express option if you need to get your products fast.
Is it possible to customize products?— yes, we offer several different printing and embroidery options. We also work with several different manufactures to produce your product from scratch.

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